Please read an explain how to buy KOI-NOBORIl, First
The complete set of big size


koinoboriMore detail
  • This one is "KOINOBORI". KOINOBORI means carp streemer. These ones are big size of KOINOBORI.
  • 3m-complete set 5ko_garden-to_miyama3m
  • Price:$785.0
  • 4m-complete set 5ko_garden-to_miyama3m
  • Price:$1120.0
It is possible on each

5COLOR STREAMERS - Special Nylon

streamersMore detail
  • This 5color streamers are raise with carps. This streamer and black carp are the same meters when you chose it.
  • 1.2m 5ko_tn-to_str-amc12
  • Price:$20.2
  • 1.5m 5ko_tn-to_str-amc15
  • Price:$29.8
  • 2.0m 5ko_tn-to_str-amc20
  • Price:$51.2
  • 3.0m 5ko_tn-to_str-amc30
  • Price:$71.4
  • 4.0m 5ko_tn-to_str-amc40
  • Price:$95.2
  • 5.0m 5ko_tn-to_str-amc50
  • Price:$142.9


carpsMore detail
  • This one is "KOINOBORI". KOINOBORI means carp streemer. You can choose a color from 5 colors.
  • 2m 5ko_tn-to_sb20
  • Price:$59.6us/each
  • 3m 5ko_tn-to_sb30
  • Price:$80.7us/each
  • 4m 5ko_tn-to_sb40
  • Price:$160.2us/each
  • 5m 5ko_tn-to_sb50
  • Price:$201.4us/each
The complete set of small size


berandaMore detail
  • This one is "KOINOBORI".
  • KOINOBORI means carp streemer. These ones are small size of KOINOBORI.
  • 1.2m complete set 5ko_hst-to_s12-5
  • Price:$285.0
  • 1.5m complete set 5ko_hst-to_s15-5
  • Price:$345.0
  • 2.0m complete set 5ko_hst-to_s20-5
  • Price:$436.0
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